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www.Ibexmedworld.com is a cross border medical device & healthcare industry focused portal to serve as a meeting point for those at the source and those at the destination virtually targeting emerging international markets in the healthcare, medical device and pharmaceutical industry.
Our expertise lies in connecting business groups such as medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers to importers, traders, end-users, service providers as well as Medical related event organisers, trade bodies, governmental and non-governmental organizations in an enduring association.
The portal is carefully designed to promote top quality product medical device manufacturers who have registered their products with FDA, CE, CFDA etc. ensuring a buyer the quality and comfort. For a manufacturer, the software calculates special points leading to an annual “Best Medical Device Maker Award”. The portal also gives a chance to its Annual subscribers for an annual “Factory Clearance Sale” every December.

Through the “Linked States” concept and the appointing of International Link Masters, it shall connect to specific requirement of international buyers, medical event organisers, medical device makers and international media. Each Linked State would have an annual “Focused Country” concept. The portal would also play a crucial role in promoting “International Medical Tourism” for professional service providers and international patients either looking for a “Second Opinion” or “Generic Medicine” and “Budget Medical Tourism” to India.

Our Mission
Our mission is to create a single-market online platform for the global medical device and healthcare industry.

Our Vision
Provide one stop solution both online and offline driven by a culture of quality, innovation, excellence and care for the medical industry globally.

The Birth of Ibex Medworld (8.8.8)
With a handful of funds, blessings from our well-wishers, trust in the team, the tremendous confidence in our project and with a lot of courage and the blessings of the almighty God, Ibex Medworld was officially launched at a small but very exciting ceremony, on an auspicious day, we will never forget, On 8.8.8 (2018, August 8th) At the Indian Medical Association, In Pune city of Maharashtra state in the West of India. The Ibex Medworld portal went on air the Christmas eve of 2018 December 25th.

Message from Founder:
“We plan to transform this company into an even more exciting, exhilarating place to work by finding more effective, more efficient ways to integrate our information and enhance our insight to help our clients succeed.”
Mr. Shaikh Azam Usman (ai wen), Designer and Founder, Ibex Medworld.

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