2019 World Cell Therapy And Regenerative Medicine Conference & Exhibition

Taizhou , China.

2019 World Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Conference & Exhibition 


About The Exhibition:

WRC-CHINA exhibition will be held in Taizhou China from September 20-21, 2019. WRC-CHINA is based on the whole industry chain of cell therapy and regenerative medicine, aiming in building up the co-operation and trading platform for upstream and downstream resources of the cellular therapy and regenerative medicine industry chain.It will also be a professional information collecting platform and the industry academic and technical exchange platform. WRC-CHINA will invite exhibitors and professional visitors all over the world. We will find for you the most suitable partners for your organization in the different stage of its development.



Exhibition Time:


September 20-21 2019,  Taizhou China 

Opening timefree to visit



Concurrent Conference:

2019 World Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Conference will be held from 20-21 September,2019 in Taizhou China. WRC-CHINA 2019 calls for reports from all over the world in the following areas:


Cell therapy and immunotherapy, stem cells, tissue engineering and cell engineering, biomaterials and tissue interaction, models of regeneration, 

molecular mechanisms of regeneration, diagnostic and imaging of regeneration, regulatory affairs.


If you are interested in giving speeches in the conference, Our contacts as following  emails: info@gmexpo.cn  phone: 0086-21-80312776     0086-13817254690  website: http://www.wrc-china.com/

Date Event Type Event Frequency Total Area Of Exhibition No. Of Stalls Countries Participating
20/09/19 - 21/09/19 Trade Fair N/A N/A N/A N/A
Date & Timings
N/A - N/A

General Public
Date & Timings
N/A - N/A


Shanghai Guang Mao


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