Our History

We started out in 2009 as an international business travel agency in the city of Pune located in the state of Maharashtra in western India.In those early days,our main focus was to promote international trade-fair tours and study tours abroad for Indian MBA students under the “G-BEST” [Global Business Entrepreneur Study Tours] concept. This was designed by the Ibex core team of polyglots, Mr. Shaikh Azam and Farookh Shaikh,who together can communicate in ten languages. We have organized more than 200 international business tours promoting trade fairs, market surveys, factory visits and, of course, foreign study tours.

In 2014, we upgraded to a private limited company under the brand name of “Ibex New Concepts Private Limited”. We started marketing overseas space selling at international fairs by connecting exhibitors to events in various industries like building-construction material, machine tools, plastic machinery, medical devices andautomation.

Three years later, we decided to focus on a single sectorin the event-management industry that hasan upward trend and also offer solutions to the problems faced by that industry. Thus, we decided to design a portal that can give online and offline services to all involved parties.

Our portal, www.Ibexmedworld.com, is a cross-border service focused on serving as a gathering point for those at the source and those at the destination, virtually targeting emerging international markets in the medical devices’ and event management industries.It is the only web portal to give in-depth information on global medical device exhibitions, conferences as well as the exhibitors who are registered with us. The portal also helps registered distributors explore exhibitors’ detailed profiles and interconnect via pre-arranged meetings at forthcoming events. The medical device searches are specially designed tolead to faster speed and accuracy.

Another important feature of the portal concerns connecting exhibitors from non-English speaking countriesto their global customers via western social media posts in English-speaking countries. We design, create content, and manage posts on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Meta/Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for our customers by hyper-boosting leads generation and sales via automation on our portal.

Every year, our portal also focuseson one particular country that is an important contributor to this sector. By doing so, we help our members visit the ‘annual focus” country first before participating in an international market survey tour. We highlight the country profile, industry media, market demands, laws of the land and even organize buyer-seller meetings.

We welcome you to join our Ibex Medworld portal at www.Ibexmedworld.com,no matter whether you are an event organizer, exhibitor, distributor, industry media representative or end user of medical devices.